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Get PDF templates

Get PDF templates

Query Parameters
  • archive string
  • group string

    can be full resource_uri or only id

  • limit integer

    Length of dataset to return. Use with offset query to iterate through results.

  • offset integer

    Offset from start of dataset. Use with the limit query to iterate through dataset.


operation successful

  • meta object
    • limit int32
    • next string
    • offset int32
    • previous string
    • total_count int32

      total number of objects

  • objects object[]
    • created date-time
    • group string
    • modified date-time
    • parties string

      JSON stringified array of document parties

    • page_count integer
    • resource_uri uri
    • signer_count integer
    • title string
    • user uri

      resource_uri for user

    • uuid string

      id for pdf object

    • valid boolean

      Is able to be sent (if fields do not validate)