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Common coding questions with the Legalesign API

Count of documents sent from a team over a time period.

Make two queries to the GET /document/ endpoint at the start and end of your time period using the 'created_gt' filter. The difference between the values of meta['total_count'] will be your documents-sent count.

Include filters archived=all, nosigners=1 and limit=1 in your query.

example query to get a count of documents created from the start of 2024

use a precise time if necessary


Go to the Document API reference.

Query for documents changed since your last query.

Use the GET /document/ endpoint with the 'modified_gt' filter.

Make your query fast by using the nosigners=1 filter if you don't need signer details, and reduce overhead on requests by using a larger offset/limit value than the default.

example query to get (up to 500) documents modified since a previous datetime

/api/v1/document/?group=your-group&nosigners=1&limit=500&modified_gt=[datetime of last query]

Go to the Document API reference.

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