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MS Power Automate + Legalesign

It's easy to hook the whole Legalesign API into MS power automate and set up no-code interactions between the Microsoft software suite and Legalesign.

  1. Get a Legalesign trial account at

  2. Email and request an API key, giving your use-case, background in API development and information so we can verify you and your company.

  3. Download both the postman-collection.json file & icon (legalesign-icon.png) from the Legalesign OpenAPI repo:

  4. Go to Power automate > Data > Custom connectors. Click on 'New customer connector' and 'Import from Postman collection'.

Complete the Power automate set up screens as follows:


Upload the icon you already downloaded in step 3. For 'icon background color' use the hex code #ffffff. Set host as and Base URL as /api/v1/.



Select 'API key' and the values as shown in the next image.



You'll be asked to set up the connector when you enter the 'Test' section. The value you enter should start 'ApiKey xxxxx...'. This is presented to you on your settings page on Legalesign. Paste it in exactly the same. Get Api Key on Legalesign



Select a simpler query endpoint to test your connection, for example getGroups (n.b. NOT 'getGroup'). You must enter a value for offset and limit.


That test should return a 200 status and your groups listed. Success! 🥳

If you have any questions about Legalesign eSignature and Power Automate get in touch with us at

Article on linking Legalesign webhooks to Power Automate coming soon.