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Sandbox -> Production

Switch to production mode when you are ready to go live with your integration.

Limitations of the sandbox

The sandbox has a low throttle rate and the people you can send documents to are limited to the 5 people defined on your settings page.

How to move to production mode

Just get in contact with us at

Once you are signed up to a pricing plan you are good to go.

What is the difference between sandbox and production

Nothing changes with your content.

Production mode means:

  • the throttle changes to a soft upper limit (adjusts to you automatically), and
  • you can send documents to any email you choose.

How much is it?

The tariff for the API is a standard monthly account fee + doc credit paid upfront.

Docs starts at £1+VAT/doc but the price reduces with volume purchases.

The benefits of this pricing system are:

  • your doc credit has no expiry date
  • so you can buy in bigger bulk and save, and
  • you get unlimited per-user access to the web app (so you can still give your users access to features you haven't integrated yet 😎)

If you have a use-case that doesn't play nicely with this pricing contact us. We have a highly versatile billing system that fits most use-cases.


Avoid paying for ongoing dev! Keep a team for dev only, and make others for prod. Tell us which is your dev team and we'll exclude it from deducting doc credit.

Contact us

Contact us on to get switched over or if you have any questions.